The Whole Scoop on my Whole30 – Part 1

My husband and I completed our first Whole30 on January 30 and stuck to it through to the end with no cheats. I documented the experience on Instagram and Facebook by posting a photo and a few reflective observations at the end of each day. I didn't set out to post these daily photo updates, … Continue reading The Whole Scoop on my Whole30 – Part 1


What Should I Write?

November is the 7 year anniversary of my starting this blog. I've talked about it on here before, I was at the After Eve Women's Conference at my church where I heard Jen Hatmaker and Shauna Niequist speak for the first time. The biggest take-away from that experience was this: "If you have a dream, if … Continue reading What Should I Write?

Growing Up GOP

Today I came across a New York Times article titled, "Why Teenagers Today May Grow Up Conservative." I found these observations to be quite legitimate and wanted to share how my own personal experience reflects these findings. I was born in 1977. When I was 8 years old, I wrote my first letter to the … Continue reading Growing Up GOP


Well, October is gone and I did not write for 31 days. I did good though. I did better than I thought I would and better than I did last year. Despite failing to write for 31 days, I am still proud of what I accomplished. I learned alot about myself through putting together these … Continue reading Goals