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ALW’s Whole30 Albondigas (Mexican Meatball Soup)

I had never heard of Albondigas until about three weeks ago. We were watching Food Network’s All-Star Academy and one of Bobby’s contestants made Albondigas for the first challenge. I went straight to google to learn more about these Albondigas … Continue reading

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Whole30 Chili Recipe 

So I decided to do another Whole30 in March! I started on March 1 and have  tracked this mostly on Facebook but I decided to post some of my recipes here on my blog to spread the Whole30 recipe love … Continue reading

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Mustard Chicken Recipe {Cooking Adventures}

When Brian and I were dating, I invited him over for dinner. You may recall that I had not yet “blossomed” in the kitchen so I was a tiny bit worried about what I would make to impress my new … Continue reading

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Save The Turkeys! Use a Brine {Cooking Adventures: Day 5}

The best way to prepare and cook a traditional Thanksgiving turkey is to use a brine. A traditional brine is essentially a saltwater bath in which the concentration of salt in the bath interacts with the cellular composition of the … Continue reading

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Cooking With Love

Have you ever heard someone say a meal was “made with love”?  Some food just tastes better when its made by someone who loves you, someone who enjoys cooking and painstakingly prepares meals for their loved ones. I feel this … Continue reading

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More Great Tasting Good For You Recipes

This week I don’t have a loss to report but I am still holding steady at -4.6 and I will take it.  Its healthier to lose slowly so the fact that I didn’t gain makes me think I am doing … Continue reading

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Easy, Juicy, Delicious Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving

I know that I have ALOT to catch up on here on the blog, but real quick since it is my favorite cooking week of the year, I had to repost this Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. This is my tried and … Continue reading

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