My Focus for 2014

I began 2013 committing to focus on one word for the year: Believe. This turned into Believing God and a secondary focus on God's Promises. I set out to scour the Bible to learn about God's promises and how I could rightly apply those promises to my life. This was, in a way, my mission … Continue reading My Focus for 2014


Staying Connected In the Midst of Change

Eight weeks ago our little family of three became four as we welcomed precious Lucas James Walters into the world! He is a doll and we are soaking up every sweet minute of his new little life. His presence, however, has brought my blogging and my study of God's promises to a screeching halt. Since … Continue reading Staying Connected In the Midst of Change


I said in my last post that my "theme" for the year would be God's Promises, that I would take this year to study and learn all I can about God's promises that I can stand on today. As I began my study I recognized a word emerging from this: BELIEVE. For me, God is … Continue reading BELIEVE!