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What’s Going On??

My blogging was quiet in April.  Here is what you missed: Zone diet = royal failure.  Short story is that the Zone Diet requires more discipline than I can endure right now so I do not recommend anyone use Zone … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Reflections

I joined the throngs of millions who watched the Royal Wedding today. I did not wake up early, or attend a party, I just watched the reruns on ABC after I woke up. As I watched this beautiful couple move … Continue reading

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Parisian Perspectives

life in Paris has not quite been what I expected. don’t get me wrong it’s been an amazing adventure. but just different than expected. a few observations (typing this on an iPhone so have grace with the typos) I am … Continue reading

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For Better or For Worse…

When newlyweds are young and in love and wrapped in the whirlwind of excitement that comes with a wedding celebration, how seriously do we stop and contemplate what it means to love, honor and cherish our spouse for better or … Continue reading

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H is for Husband and for Hero

My husband is my hero.  Now before you turn to the side and gag, let me tell you why. My husband loves God. He is fully devoted to knowing, loving and living out the ways of Jesus in his day … Continue reading

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Praying for Your Marriage

This week in the “Women Living Well” marriage challenge, we are intentionally and more proactively praying for our husbands.  Courtney (the blog’s author) is encouraging us to pray through the topics listed in the book “Power of a Praying Wife.”  … Continue reading

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My Name is AnnieLaurie, and I am a Conservative

I am a conservative.  I am sure that any regular readers of this blog are already thinking “tell me something I don’t already know!” But I say this because, I feel that as of late I have come to be … Continue reading

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