Backpacking to Babylon – Theodore May

I had to share this will yall because I think its so cool and yall may want to check it out. Theodore May is a reporter for the Global Post and has embarked on a journey to track the steps of Alexander the Great and chronicle the evidence of his influence on the Middle East. … Continue reading Backpacking to Babylon – Theodore May


Setting the Stage for Holy Week

While I realize we are well into Holy Week, I wanted to share a video with you.  This is a collection of photos I took while visiting Israel in 2008.  I am a very visual person and seeing the places where the events of Holy Week originally happened helps me focus and be in a … Continue reading Setting the Stage for Holy Week

A Tribute…

I put together this video today to honor Christ.  Last year I traveled to Israel and had the chance to visit all the Holy Sites, and this video shows many of the sites we saw in Jerusalem directly related to Easter.  You will see real live photos of the Jerusalem skyline, the Garden of Gethsemane … Continue reading A Tribute…