Romancing the Rome – Ancient Rome – The Eternal City

I am sure I am going to write UNLIMITED posts about Rome.  I Love Rome.  End of blog.

Rome was my favorite city.  The food, the city, the people, the atmosphere, the ANCIENTNESS of it all (is that a word?).

Rome is the most inspiring city I have ever visited.

I can’t really bring myself to put any sort of intelligent string of words together to make complete sentences about my feelings for the Eternal City so while I compose myself, enjoy the pics:

View of the Roman Forum from Capitoline Hill

The Roman Forum

Arch of Septimius Severus

Brian and ALW at the Forum

Forum Wide Shot

Trajan's Markets

Trajan's Forum with Santa Maria di Loreto Church and Trajan's column

According to legend Castor and Pollux appeared on the battlefield as two able horsemen in aid of the Romans. And, after the battle had been won they again appeared on the Forum in Rome watering their horses at the Spring of Juturna thereby announcing the victory. The temple stands on the supposed spot of their appearance. Postumius’s son finished the temple in 484 BC. In Republican times the temple served as a meeting place for the Roman Senate, and from the middle of the 2nd century BC the front of the podium served as a speaker's platform. During the imperial period the temple housed the office for weights and measures, and was a depository for the State treasury.

Road to Colosseum

ALW and Brian on way to Colosseum

Forum with Vittorio Emannuele in background

Roman road with Arch of Titus in the background

Arch of Titus. We dont like this so much, it was erected after the Roman razed Jerusalem 😦

Almost There!

No caption needed!

Arch of Constantine


Love it!

More to come!!


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